Dr. Tonia Poteat & Ames Simmons/ “Still F***ing Here”: Trans Health After June 2020 TRANSnetwork Webinar

RISE Lab Publications


“U.S. transgender women’s preferences for microeconomic interventions to address structural determinants of HIV vulnerability: a qualitative assessment”

“Delays in breast cancer care by race and sexual orientation: Results from a national survey with diverse women in the United States”

“HIV prevention must be ‘tailored to the needs of trans individuals'”


“American Heart Association on Assessing and Addressing Cardiovascular Health in LGBTQ Adults”

“COVID-19 Vulnerability of Transgender Women With and Without HIV Infection in the Eastern and Southern U.S.”

“Strategies used by transmasculine and non-binary adults assigned female at birth to resist transgender stigma in healthcare.”

“Biopsychosocial Mechanisms Linking Gender Minority Stress to HIV Comorbidities Among Black and Latina Transgender Women (LITE Plus): Protocol for a Mixed Methods Longitudinal Study”


“Intersectionality Research for Transgender Health Justice: A Theory-Driven Conceptual Framework for Structural Analysis of Transgender Health Inequities”


“Epidemiology of HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Viral Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis Among Incarcerated Transgender People: A Case of Limited Data”


“HIV prevalence and behavioral and psychosocial factors among transgender women and cisgender men who have sex with men in 8 African countries: A cross-sectional analysis”

“Changing hearts and minds: Results from a multi-country gender and sexual diversity training”

“HIV Prevention among Transgender Populations: Knowledge Gaps and Evidence for Action”


“Global Epidemiology of HIV Infection and Related Syndemics Affecting Transgender People”

“The conflation of gender and sex: Gaps and opportunities in HIV data among transgender women and MSM”

“Evidence for action: a call for the global HIV response to address the needs of transgender populations”


“Stigma, sexual health, and human rights among women who have sex with women in Lesotho”


“HIV Epidemics among Transgender Women”

Other Publications

Confronting High HIV Rates Among Transgender Women With Empowerment and Gender Affirmation